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Question: Hi am two months pregnant shall I take lemon rice and lemon it good for this hot climate or not...

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Answer: No problem in taking citrus fruits
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Question: I am breast feeding mother.. as this climate is very hot can i drink lemon juice. Whether it will affect my baby..
Answer: Hi dear, Yes,you can drink lemon is refreshing and is a rich source of vitamin will boost your milk with vitamin C ,which will help your baby immunity.donot worry,if your breastmilk will turn sour.that is a myth.pkease enjoy your lemon juice.
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Question: Hi! Good morning. I am 13th week pregnant i have thyroid and diabetic. If i drink sugarless juices or not
Answer: Dear as far as I know juices shpot up ur sugar quite fast. As my sister have diabities she has been adviaed by the doctor to have fruits instead. Because in liquid form without the fiber it is more of a sugar syrup that you will be drinking in the form of juice. Hope it helps.
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Question: I am 15 week pregnant. now can I take curd rice. and lemon rice.
Answer: Hi Dear! Yes dear you can eat both, curd rice and lemon rice, both r safe and has no issues.. Hope this helps!
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