21 months old baby

Question: Hi my son is having fever from. Past 6 days but he gets fever at 4 or 5 early morning and his head and hands are only hot rest everything is OK and his appetite is reduced from last two days I got his blood test done his CRP is 7.0,mg is he OK or. Not

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Question: My son is 1year 2 month...he is suffering from fever..his head is too hot what should i do
Answer: Hie Don't worry fever in babies take time to go it may take 2-4 days And please avoid overdoses of medicine only give the recommended dose in due interval of time Giving it before time can be a cause of concern Dress your baby in light cotton clothes and keep the fan on low setting so as to help the air around your baby circulating Offer your baby plenty of fluids and cold food such as yogurt or chilled banana it would help keep body cool from inside Keep the food light so as your babys body can focus on fighting the infection b Place a cool damp cloth on your babys forehead or wipe his body with it to bring down the temperature and comfort the baby
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Question: Hi.. my boy is 5mnths old now. His head and forehead is very hot from past 2 days. He doesnot have fever also. Is it normal??
Answer: Yes it is normal for baby to sweat on forehead and also hot on forehead this is bcoz of brain development. No worries ...
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Question: my baby has fever but his head is not hot but stomach is hot al tym from past 3days
Answer: Hii dear this is natural .Plz tell have you visited doctor or not. If not plz visit and get checked well.
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