7 months old baby

Question: Hi my son is 7 month old i give fennel water to him all the time so that he will not suffer from ny pain. Giving it all the time cause constipation to him is it gud fennel seed water is use full and if ot requires in what quantity we should give to child

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Question: My son is 10 months old I am confused to give the rice to him . What is the quantity of rice we can give
Answer: You can't give solid rice to a baby of 10 months, just give rice water or very finely smashed well cooked rice to baby, quantity should be little or you will have to understand according to your baby's demand, once baby will feel full you should not force feed, baby will herself keep mouth away when feel full.
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Question: Hi All, My son is 4 Months old. Can we give him water ?
Answer: Hi Dear, Normally we should not give anything for babies until 6 months other than breastmilk. Breast milk is rich in protein and natural antibodies to fight against germs. Newborn babies digestive system is still in developing stage and if we give water or any solid food it will cause ill for baby and create indigestion. So you could wait 2 more months.
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Question: my baby is 8month old.Can i give him boiled carrot puree every day...is it gud to him or not...hw much quantity is gud for baby
Answer: Yes, carrot puree is good to give. You can add on other vegetable like peas, potatoes also. Apart from vegetables fruits puree like banana, apple, papaya, pears and mangoes are good for babies.
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