4 months old baby

Question: Hi my son 4 th month old he having ear infection gave medicine to him but he doesn't feed b.m cry alot pls frnds suggest me some ideas to feed

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Answer: Express and try to feed with spoon
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    Florine Cardin644 days ago

    Why don't you use bottle to feed

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Question: hi my son is 2 month old baby... he's having ear infection for the past 3 days... my doctor gave antibiotics even though he is having smelly discharge from his left ear, is this led to any serious problem?
Answer: Hello Ear infection can cause fluid Discharge from the ear. Fever sleeplessness baby tugging on the ear frequently irritability. U can treat ur baby with a warm press. If there is no fluid draining from the ear that means the ear drum is not damaged u can put few olive oil drops into the infected ear. Keep ur babies head elevated keep ur baby hydrated keep breast or formula feeding the baby protect ur baby from smoke dis is one of the major ear infection causes proper bottle positioning. Some times the milk drains in to the babies ear wch can cause an infection.keep your baby in an healthy environment so the cold n flu bug stays away from the baby. Give all the vaccines on time. Hope I helped
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Question: My son 18+ months old, but he doesn't drink milk, pls suggest something, what to do?
Answer: Hi Children should never be forced to drink milk if they are not willing to. Eating food should not be a battleground for children but rather an enjoyable experience. No single item of food is essential to any child's diet and can always be replaced by other food items. It is more essential that a child is enjoying eating and is given a well-balanced mixed diet during meals. Milk can be the best source of calcium, protein and vitamins, but can be easily replaced by other foods which contain calcium, protein and vitamins. The best method of keeping your toddler interested in food is by making it appealing and exciting through experimenting with fresh ways of presenting it.
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Question: my son is 27 days old he is having watery stool and is having sevre rashes in pooping region and crys alot pls suggest any ideas
Answer: Dear first of all do not use baby wipes for cleaning after ur baby poops. You can use neem leaves boiled water for washing the area and it should be luke warm. Watery stool is not a good sign and should be reported to doctor to start with medication. Hope it helps.
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