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Question: Hi my scan report shows low lying placenta and so the doctor advised to take bed rest till 5th month scan. How long will it take to get the placenta pulled up

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Answer: Don't worry stick to your doctors advice. It will be fine soon. In case if your doctor forgot to mention you one thing.. I would like to tell you that the most important thing to keep in mind is that to avoid sex during this time. It can accidentally hurt your placenta and cause miscarriage. And except for that you are fine. Follow your doctors advice.
Answer: Am also having the same issue. My doctor said once the uterus started to grow, the placenta will become normal in the 5th month. Until you have to avoid traveling & also don't put more pressure on your lower abdomen while lifting weights, during motion, etc. Take care..
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Question: Can be low lying placenta harmful in 3rd trimester? Is it necessary to take bed rest??
Answer: Dear with low lying placenta it's important to take extra care because when placenta is placed low then it can cause early labour so you need to be more cautious with your physical work. Its better to take more rest..
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Question: Hello...i have a blood spot yesterday.did doctor advised me to take bed rest as it was low lying placenta in the report
Answer: Placenta praevia happens when it develops low down in the womb and stays low-lying beyond mid-pregnancy. If ur placenta is near your cervix when you're ready to give birth, it may block your baby's exit route through your vagina. Following are the complications with low lying placenta: 1. slow fetal growth due to insufficient blood supply. 2. fetal anemia 3. fetal distress due to low oxygen supply 4. shock and death of the mother if the bleeding is excessive 5. infection and formation of blood clots. 6. blood loss requiring transfusion.
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Question: In my usg report written low lying placenta.. Dr advised to take full rest till eight month... In this situation will i have any chances to get normal delivery
Answer: Hi. In placenta previa there is no other option than c-section. As one cannot deliver placenta before baby. Because placenta supply all the oxygen and blood to baby . And if placenta will be delivered before baby the oxygen and blood dupply would get stooed and baby could suffocate and born stil. So going for c-section is only option. But some time placenta shift up as uterus expands so dont worry and do as your doctor asks. .
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