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Question: Hi my prolactin serum is 37 is it not good or what does it mean?can any one ans pls

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Answer: This is okay.. Not that much high if not pregnant. If your pregnant then it can goes upto 200 or so. So nothing to worry about. Hope this helps ☺
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    deepika behera694 days ago

    Thanks for information i was really worried

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Question: My maternal serum dual test is negative. What does it mean. I am 13 weeks pregnant
Answer: Hi, A maternal serum screening is a blood test done to determine the risk of downs syndrome,edwards syndrome or neural defects in the unborn child. A negative result means your baby is at a low risk of these conditions and hence it is a good sign.
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Question: Hi my foetel position is cephalic what does it mean?And amniotic fluid is 19cms adequate what does it mean?can any one help me
Answer: Cephalic mean your baby is in head down position.... which is needed for normal delivery... the liquid ( amniotic fluid) also adequate level.... no problem
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Question: my baby moves alot at 37 weeks ..what does it he is not healthy?
Answer: hi, it is absolutely normal... but if u feel like struggling then call your doctor immediately ..take care
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