16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi my placenta is posterior and coming near os(38MM from os).. Is there anything serious I m 15 weeks pregnant

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Answer: Hi dear there is no problem in the Placenta being posterior it just means that the Placenta is attached at the back of the uterus and it is common and very normal in a lot of pregnancy there is nothing to be worried about.. Hope this helps!
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Question: I have placenta posterior and low lying coming upto internal os. Is this serious issue?
Answer: hi dear! so as long as its not covering the internal os then there is no problem dear. you might need one more scan later in the pregnancy so that the position of the placenta can be seen and accordingly the decision of the delivery can be made dear. dont worry dear. take care
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Question: I m 20 weeks pregnant..i have posterior placenta..Is there any problem with Posterior placenta
Answer: Posterior Placenta is just the attachment of placenta to the uterus at the back wall. never creates any complication during pregnancy until and unless it is not low lying or covering the uterus opening
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Question: Hi, my placenta is posterior low, 2.5cm from OS, is anything risk? Plz help me
Answer: Hi,you have low lying placenta,you should take precautions to avoid complications or bleeding. You should not bend or lift anything heavy You should take good rest Don't do any stranious activities.
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