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Question: Hi, my periods are delayed for two days, i am having white discharge more that normal and got cramps like periods and last one week i was insomniac and breasts are tender. I do not know the symptoms are for periods or early pregnancy. I have to travel to my native by bus it's one night journey. Will it effect me if I am pregnant? Suggest me

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Answer: Hello Dear, As u have early pregnancy symptoms. you can check with home pregnancy kit some are designed to give result after 1 or 2 missed day of period .If its positive please consult gynecologist . Its advised no to travel in early pregnancy though. All the best.
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    Sonia Prakash426 days ago

    Can you please suggest some kit which gives early results

Answer: First do a card test and confirm are you pregnant or not,if yes try to avoid journey,its better avoid long journeys in 1st trimester.
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Answer: Hii A journey by bus during pregnancy can be quite uncomfortable as it tends to be crowded, noisy and the trip itself can be extremely long and bumpy. Travelling during pregnancy is generally safe whether you are going by road, in a car or by bus. If you do not have any option other than travelling by bus, then it is better to make it safe and well-fixed as much as you can. Here is how to make your bus travel smooth.To get a comfortable sitting place, reach the bus station before time.It is safe to sit in the middle of a bus, not in the front or the back row.Pack light; carrying too much luggage can be a problem.Avoid travelling during peak hours as the buses can get crowded.  
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Answer: Travelling in pregnancy completely depends on you as to how confident and comfortable you are while travelling and also it depends if you have a green signal from the doctor, and there would be no problem if there are no complication or restriction in your pregnancy.
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Question: My periods are delayed by 5 days , however i have regular cycle of 28 days. I have headaches and light lower abdomin cramps are these early symptoms of pregnancy?? when can i take HCG test and how
Answer: Yes these are symptoms of pregnancy but it can only be confirmed with a pregnancy test. Wait for a few days and then take a test
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