14 months old baby

Question: Hi my period date is on 4 march. I hve to go out so i want to delay my periods i m taking premount N tab. How many times i hve to take this tab plz reply

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Answer: Hello, you will get a postpone tablet but you can contact your gynaecologist and then fine take.
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Question: My last period date is 5 March and today it is 6April n I have regular periods in past with regular intervals n also prediction for period App says 4 March, so when should I go for pregnancy test???
Answer: Hi dear, Please wait for one week post missed period.so take up the test on 12 April morning with first urine.the Pregnancy hormones need to rise enough to show positive result in kit.early testing might give you negative result.
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Question: Hello mam... My last period date was 16 march...so how many weeks pregnant I am?
Answer: Hello would be mom, you are pregnant for almost 10weeks 3day..may be your usg can give in report you for almost of 8weeks ..it will be quite normal because you got pregnant for 10weeks and baby get starts grows almost after 2weeks thats why scan report will give you like this .scan report basically provides the age of baby.
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Question: My last period on 12th may2018 so i want to know how many weeks im pregnant
Answer: Hi all I have one question today I did USG and found no fetal pole there.and show 6 week pregnancy Please let me know is there need to worry why fetal pole is not therefore
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