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Question: Hi,my lmp was on 8th oct.yesterday some brown spotting discharge. Today I take a test and got negative result. Any chance for pregnancy.

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Answer: Mayb you will get your periods
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Question: Two days before i had intercourse.but today wen i cheked with pregnancy test kit result was negative. Is der any chance for a positive result.
Answer: Hai dear.. It is not clear that when is your lmp. If you are contacted in ovulation days, there is chance for pregnancy. The ovulation day is mostly 14th day in a 28 day cycle. So just calculate it with your lmp. And also it is better to do the pregnancy test 2 or 3 days after your next period date. I clearly know that we will be very eager for checking. But i advise you to keep waiting till date. Because you said that when checked today, it shows negative result. Sometimes it made frustration and disappointment. So hope for the best and wait till the date....
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Question: Mam my LMP was on 2 march....i did test on preganews it showed positive result but i got a spotting today is it normal?
Answer: Hi Yes it is normal in early pregnancy..this is called as implantation bleeding ok .This bleeding happens during the earliest part of pregnancy. The implantation of the embryo in the wall of the uterus causes spotting. It usually occurs sometime before (or around the same time) as your periods or approximately at about 6 to 12 days after pregnancy. Spotting is lighter (light pink to brown colored) than the periods and lasts for a few days.if bleeding occurs then you immediately go to hospital for checkup ok
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Question: I took a pregnancy test today the result was negative but I have some pregnancy symptoms
Answer: nowadays symptoms should b confused, if u lost ur periods then u have check home pregnanacy test after 7-10 days if it is also negative means u should go with doc dr
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