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Question: Hi my lmp is 22nd Nov i hd intercourse on 2,3,5,6,9 yesterday I was having light pain in right pelvic is that a sign of ovulation is there a chance of getting pregnant

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Answer: Hi good morning dear I hope your menstrual cycle is of 26 to 30 days. If so then you expect the revolution period should be in between 10 to 17 days of the cycle for this cycle it is in between 2-9. You had intercourse during ovulation days which is great , so chances of pregnancy could be there. Wait for at least next period date and if it doesn't come then after 1 week take a pregnancy test to confirm. Hopefully this pain is not because of ovulation, but if you feel it can be ovulation you should try intercourse for today as well take care.
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    Anitha Subash414 days ago

    Thank you so much I am trying for baby from past 9 yrs in 2013 I hd miscarriage till now I dint conceive, I dint go to the doctor till now we thought this month if i get period I can start for treatment but last month and this month i am thinking miracle happens lets see this month any miracle happens

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    keerthi413 days ago

    Yes dear, me also got same pain and doctor said egg is releasing . If u have intercourse today u have chance to get pregnancy

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Question: Please reply .... On 18th day of period I was having ovulation done intercourse on that day but I got white gummy discharge on 19th day of periods not done intercourse.... Is there any chance of getting pregnant???
Answer: The more oftion or more number of time intercourse was done during the ovulation period the higher the chance of you conceiving.Since you have had intercourse once there surely is a chance , do the upt after 10-14 days of missing your periods.
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Question: Hi my lmp was on Nov 22nd so which week of pregnancy m I right now?
Answer: Hi dear, as per your weeks of pregnancy presently you are 36 weeks pregnant and your 9 month has started. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi my lmp was 22 Nov i had intercourse on during my ovulation I hd light right pelvic pain and on 13th Dec I hd a sharp pain in right pelvic about 8 hours, and my breast is like sore and heavier and day before yesterday I hd creamy discharge little. Can this be a positive signals for pregnancy
Answer: Hey dear, you had intercourse during ovulation days chances of positive result Could be there. But to confirm you have to wait for next period dt & if it doesn't come then after 7 days of missed period take a pregnancy test to get confirm result. All the best 👍🙂 .
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