37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi my foot n ankles swells. Not able to walk

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Answer: Don't worry as a swelling in foot is very normal in pregnancy to use to get the swelling of frequently in my pregnancy massaging my foot with lukewarm oil help me a lot in reducing this swelling as well I started to walk which help me as well
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Question: I have pain in my foot i can't able to stand and walk in the morning
Answer: Dear it can be because of muscle pull or sprain . So just take a foot massage and also dip your foot in hot water that will give you some relief..
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Question: My foot swells alot n paining also . Is there any remedy to cure swelling.
Answer: It is because of ur growing utreus puts load on pelvic area . But if it is unbearable then consult ur dr.
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Question: My foot and legs are paining cant able to walk is there any problem
Answer: It is normal due to increase in weight during pregnancy
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