23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi...my dr didnt suggested me any blood or urine test till now then how to know whether Hb , rbc count etc are in norm range ?? Or should i ask my dr abt this

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Answer: Use aloe vera or parachute oil as lubricant its good
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Question: Dr please help me. I didnt know my baby movements till now. Is their any problem to my baby
Answer: hi dear! the baby movements are felt by 20 weeks dear its called quickening in medical terms . its when you start to feel your baby'e first movements dear. and by week 24-25 the baby's movements start to become more established and by weeks 28-29 the baby moves very often dear. so for you its just 17 weeks dear you should start to feel the movements by 20 weeks dear. dont worry. take care .
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Question: My lmp is 9th March but till now pregnancy test are negative doctor advice me to take deviry 10mg tablet but till now i didnt get my period am i pregnant or i have any other problem
Answer: Hello dear this is really a long time. And you are taking medicine too even you do not get your period back. So i will suggest you to consult with other doctor and stop medicine.
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Question: In blood test my hb level is 9 .Then dr prescribed 2 iron tablet one day how much time take to increase my hb level what are the remedies to take to increase my hb level
Answer: Take beetroot juice boiled egg nd leafy vegetables
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