8 months old baby

Question: Hi my daughter is 7.5month old and recently she had fever n cold n cough now fever get little ok . But after that she doesn't eat anything .she doesn't like to eat. Plzvtell the reason why she is not eating

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Answer: As she had fever few days ago.. Her body is weak.. Slowly she will eat.. Don't force her to eat.. Give her different varieties of food.. May be she will eat..
Answer: No problem. It may happen,Bcoz of fever. After completing fever, some more days also will happened. Give more breastfeeding and also water.
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Question: My 11month daughter is not eating anything and she got cold and cough, is this the reason?
Answer: Hello Dear cold last seven to tens days and as it is rainy season it is very common yes because of cold n cough baby get cranky and avoid food don't worry yu can give him liquid diet like souls, milk and try these home remedies for yur baby in cold *roast ajwain and Put in a cotton cloth make a potli Gently rub on chest, back, under feet and palms it should not be very hot nbaby must have single clothing. *Put saline drops in each nostril of your baby as this would help to clear the nose. *Boil few cloves or garlic into mustard oil and apply neck, chest, back, under feet and palms the oil must be warm. *rub Vick vapour on baby’s feet,cover with socks *Mix 1 teaspoon of sendha namak in warm mustard oil massage chest and back,cover with cotton sheet *Warm coconut oil,add crushed tulsi leaves massage on the chest, back feet. *Give steam for 10 to 15 min,do not keep steamer very close it may irritate baby *Use bathroom as the steam room, turn on hot water tap Sit with your baby for 10min If no differencethen meet doctor, he will prescribe medications according to weight n need. Take care
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Question: My baby was having fever but now her temperature is normal. Now she has cold and cough and is not eating anything. What should I do?
Answer: babies who are just recovered from fever and when they have cold and cough their intake of food will not be as usual .they will ignore food when they are sick it is quite common don't force your baby for food let her get well soon and recover completely .. you can give her fruits that she like or any warm soup rice porridges .. reduce the quantity of food than her regular intake.. gv food or drink that she prefers to hv.. she may not like to take her usual diet or food that she takes regularly .. As a mom you would have definitely known what she usually likes you.. could try to give that to her preferably for the next few days until she Recovers completely .. do not force your baby to eat something .. let her eat what she prefers.. make sure she eats something but don't expect d same quantity for few days..
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Question: my daughter is not eating proprly.she oly want Bm. she is having cold n cough. plz help. n she is refusing to eat anything.
Answer: she is refusing food due to cold dear. it's normal. we adults get irritated when we get cold and cough. you can give warm water steam to your baby. add a drop of nilgiri oil to it. you can just spread one or two drop of nilgiri oil to the place where your baby sleeps. Try these remedies for cough and cold,add camphor (kapur)in the ghee,warm it till the camphor melts,cool it.Apply it on your baby's chest,back and below feet as well.The second one is mixture of mustard oil with ajwain and garlic.Apply this too to your baby's chest,back.Give ajwain potli compress on baby's chest or give ajwain steam.These are all helpful remedies for getting rid of cold and cough.Also use saline drops for nasal
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