14 months old baby

Question: Hi my daughter having 4_5 teeth wen I ever I feed her she cuts on my nipple dere is to my much pain as she never sleep without my feed wat to do

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Answer: Hi friend I also faced the same problem then I understood the reason whenever you are feeding just wipe your nipples with water so that there is no bacteria left on it. As milk bacteria is bad. apart from that apply nipcare cream that will help take care
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Question: Wen i breastfeed my baby...my nipple hurts too much ..n wen she left d nipple..it becomes normal...it hurts too much...wat to do
Answer: Hi dear, Breastfeeding should not be painful.though initial days mothers need to get comfortable about the whole breastfeeding idea ,once it gets used to,it should be a pleasureable experience.breastfeeding could be painful due to the following: 1- improper latch.baby needs to suck the entire areola while latching,else the milk flow won't be equal from all ducts 2- milk blister.a little white, clear or yellow bubble or blister on the nipple or areola which will cause pain while feeding. It is actually a little bit of milk beneath the skin, and again can be relieved with warm compresses. 3-Engorged breasts .this is when the breasts are so full of milk they become hard and tight and the nipple flatten out, difficult for baby to grasp. Express the milk,or massage the breasts. 4-thrush or bacterial infections. But if any kind of pain accompanies with fever,chills and any redness appear on breasts should report doctor
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Question: Hi as i feed to my daughter dere is pain in my nipples do tll me wat to do plz how to get relax
Answer: hi mum this kind of nipple pain causes when we don't get enough milk secretion and when babies suck the empty nipples it causes more pain so please do check whether you are getting good milk secretion if not you should take more milk secreting food items like a garlic milk fenugreek tea methi leaves coconut peanut dry fruits dry fish fish everything helps to increase the milk secretion so when the milk secretion is good then there won't be a pain
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Question: Hi my daughter having 4_5 teeth but dere is little bit smell in her mouth which paste dono use for her she is of 1year & 1 mnth
Answer: Pharmacy se tooth paste mil jaega. Bachon k liye fluoride free tooth paste Ata Hai wo lelyn.. Or baby ko brush kerwaiye.. Silicon finger brush Ata Hai chahyn toh wo lelynn
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