15 months old baby

Question: Hi my daughter 15 months old and not sleeping well during day as well as night..she will get up frequently and will not sleep even an hour during night time.she will sleep in cradle only and if I swing more than 15 minutes only she will sleep.she is not sleeping in bed.we tried but she is playing in bed.can someone give me tips for making her sleep at night. Thank you...

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Question: My baby is not sleep in day time as well as night ... Very worried.. in night she start playing at 1 pm ... Its very hectic and painful...
Answer: Hi dear don't be sad as it's a story of almost 80% mother. You need to set a sleeping schedule for your baby. It may take some more time but with in one or 1.5 years your baby will adopt this sleeping habit. In the morning let your baby wake up within 7 and engage her in playing and activities. Don't let her take any nap before lunch ,after that make her sleep whether she wants to sleep or not. From the afternoon onwards till night bed time don't let your babies sleep again and involve her playing more and you can give your baby a warm n gentle massage followed by a warm bath in the evening it helps to get a good sleep. Feed your baby full stomach before every sleeping time as a full stomach helps to get good sleep.This worked with my baby, I hope it will help you too.
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Question: Hello, my baby is 6 months old and she is not sleeping well. She takes only 30 mintues cat nap during day and wakes up three time during night. It takes more than 30 minutes to out her in sleep.
Answer: Hi cat nap is fine but baby should have atleast12 to 15 hours of sleep. And make sure that baby gets full feed before sleep and if baby wakes two times at night. It's normal. Don't worry. Take care.
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Question: Hi i have 8 mnths baby.. my baby is not sleeping well in night.. for evry 1 hour she will woke up.. and she wil not feed milk.. we want to put it in the cradle and bounce 1/2 hr.. then shw will sleep.. after 2 hr again she will woke up.. why my baby is not sleeping tell me plz
Answer: Keep your baby active all day... specialy after a evening nap dont let him sleep anymore.. play with him.. keep him busy with differnt toys.. then feed him at night and let him sleep...
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