3 months old baby

Question: Hi my breast nipple is hurting very badly any remedy

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Answer: I too faced this issue, Gently massage the nipples while taking hot water bath, it will help to reduce the pain
Answer: There is nipple butter cream from mama earth brand. I had used that. It's good n quick remedy
Answer: Use nipple care ointment please clean whith water before feeding
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Question: Hiii.. i am 29 weeks pregnant my right shoulder is hurting very badly..
Answer: Hi congrats, As there are lots of hormone and.organ changes happening in you body constantly, cramping, tightening, sharp pain in legs, hands feet fingers stomach back and.body may occur....your uterus is expanding for the little one growing inside....so there will be lots of discomfort and irritation which quit normal during pregnancy.... shoulder pain hands and legs pain are all a part and parcel of pregnancy...don't u worry everything will be allrite in time..apply move or some pain killing balm to soothe your pain...rest time will.heal when Ur baby is in your hands...smile and.relax...consult you do if necessary....take care 😀👍
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Question: Hi.. my breast nipple has become pink at one place and very painful while feeding. Please suggest why is this happening and any remedy.
Answer: Hi,you should massage your breast before every time you feed your baby also take warm water shower and that the warm water flow down your breast and massage your breast this will help to give you relief if nothing helps you should consult to the doctor
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Question: My breast nipple is very small... suggest me how to prepare my nipple to breast feed
Answer: Hi! A perfect latch can only help, while you will feed please hold the baby correctly and notice while feeding through the entire areola should be sucked not only the nipple. It should be fine dont worry. Good luck!
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