3 months old baby

Question: Hi my breast milk is too low..it's too soft also...my baby is not getting enough milk..but he refuses to take fm also wat to do....his pee count is more Dan 10timea per day..I don't check his weight

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Answer: Hi. Don't think that you are having low supply of milk. Eat healthy foods and take more small meals. Drink plenty of water. Check the weight of your baby and compare it with previous month weight of your baby. If the weight is increased, your baby is getting enough milk from you.
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    Vidya Bhadresh424 days ago

    But expecting milk from breast after feeding also

Answer: Milk twice a day and eating green leafy vegetables and fruits ,pointed gourd curry, kissmiss, garlic, bread, carrot, water, watermelon, oats, drink plenty of water these all increases breast milk production
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Question: My baby want to suck nipple continous while sleeping too, his pee count is 10+ in 24 hrs?? M confused his getting enough bm or not??plz reply
Answer: Gently remove ur nipples after ur baby sleeps well..dont remove immediately wait for him to get a sound sleep.a urine count of 10+ indicates ur babys intake as well as ur milk supply is good..no worries he is getting enough bm as his urine count is good..
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Question: My baby's pee count is 17-18 times per day....is she getting enough milk?pls rply
Answer: Hi dear yes this is a very good pic on and your baby is getting enough milk keep breastfeeding.
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Question: My baby is 4months old his pee count is more nearly 20 times per day
Answer: Hi if your baby is on breastfeed then it's gd to pee more than 7 times a day, so it's normal
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