5 months old baby

Question: Hi my boy baby is now 4months 18days n m started diet one week before m having Honey+lemon+warm water +hing its haram full or bad for my baby tell me pls cz m become fat so pls

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Answer: It is the time to eat everything which is good in producing breast milk for our kids, so we just have to forget about diet and think about our kids. After stop of breastfeed you can maintain your regular diet chart. you can do a physical exercise instead of food diet.
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Question: My baby boy is one yr old. Pls tell diet chart for baby.
Answer: Hello dear Diet chart for 1 yr old: Breakfast: 1/2 to 1 cup milk Oats Apple Porridge Rawa halwa Plain Dosa Sweet potato kheer Moong daal chilla Banana oats pan cake Idli Midmorning Snacks: Banana slices Cucumber sticks Chiku peices Watermelon scoops Potato wedges Grapes Potato fries Lunch: Chhole Rice Chapati with Daal Chicken Soup rice Curd rice Kadhi Chawal Fish curry with Rice Daal rice with okra fry Afternoon: Fruits with Yogurt Guava Apple Cheese slices Baked carrot sticks Smoothies Makhana Evening Dry fruits Murmura Chilla with veggies Beetroot potato tikki Homemade muffins Dinner: Daal khichdi Chilla Daal Paratha Paneer Paratha Palak khichdi Dosa Rice with boiled pototo with ghee.
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Question: My 4months old boy baby is there n shall i do hand wax ,facial and hair cut cz i my brothers marriage function is der pls tell me
Answer: Yes u can ....but ask ur beautician to maintain hygiene while doing it otherwise u may get allergy... because now skin will be sensitive
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Question: Hi i am having warm lemon honey water daily morning i m breast feeding will it affect baby weight??
Answer: No dear, warm water and lemon will not do any harm to baby.. so dont worry..
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