27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi my blood glucose before fasting is 92mg and after having glucose 1hr is 198mg and 2 hrs is 148mg and 3hours is 88mg. Wherein my urine glucose before fasting is absent ,after 1hour is ++++ and after 2hrs is ++++ and 3 hrs is absent. And also my amniotic fluid is 26.92 ..do I have gestational diabetics ? Does the amniotic fluid is high .. I'm worried please suggest any ideas ! thank you

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Answer: Yes. It seems you have gestational diabetes found in glucose test. Nothing to worry just be cautious on diet that is including less carbohydrates foods ragi jowar fruits wheat eggs leAfy vegetables.Avoid rice etc... I also have it during my pregnancy which is just reached to the mark 140. I strictly followed the diet else you may see complications with baby. Doctor will suggest you the next steps
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    sathya shree605 days ago

    Can the gestational diabetics treated with medicines? Is it safe to take insulin?? My amniotic fluid level is 26.92 at 25weeks 3 days.. doc told it's high..how to reduce AFI.. will there be any complications on my baby??pls suggest

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Question: I am 5 months pregnant. Glucose tolerance test is in 105 in fasting and 153 after 2 hrs of drinking glucose. Is this gestational diabetes?
Answer: hi dear! so i will not call this gestational diabetes dear. but its borderline. just control on your sweet intake do not completely stop it , if you are taking 2 spoon of sugar in your tea then take 1. so reduce it a little not much. you will have to repeat the test after 2-3 weeks to see if the values have increased or the same. take care dear.
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Question: Recently I had my glucose screening test.it is 89 in fasting.187 after 1hr n 149 after 2 hrs
Answer: It should be below 140 after 2 hrs ur glucose levels r slightly higher please take according to doctor advice good luck
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Question: I am 28 weeks pregnant, my sugar levels are high, 96 in fasting, 185 after 1hr of taking glucose and 124 after 2hrs. How to control it
Answer: Please visit dietitian and endocrinologist. Don't worry the sugar levels will be in control with their help.
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