3 months old baby

Question: Hi...my baby's birth weight was 2.8 kgs...now he is 3 and half month old and his weight is 5.6 kgs...is it normal??

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Answer: yes its nrml..the wyt of the baby should be double the brth wyt for 6 mnths and triple the birth wyt for 9 months..if the baby is having the feed properly and if the baby is passing urine 6 or 6+ times and if the baby is actively playing then the baby is normal and healthy.. Feed your baby for every two hours for 20 minutes for sure..this will surely increase your baby in the correct way
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Question: Baby's birth weight was 2.8 kg on 30th Aug. Now he is 4.8 kgs is it normal?
Answer: Yes baby gains 1kg every month to additional birth weight so it is normal
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Question: My baby boy is 4 month 16 days old and his weight is 6.15 kgs, his birth weight was 2.8 kgs. Is it normal??
Answer: Hi! Your baby is doing very good in terms of weight i dont see any need to increase weight because unnecessary weight gain causes of many health issues. According to WHO guidelines baby should double the birth weight at 6 months and triple it by 1 yr of his age , your baby has tripled it already at 10 months and i am sure baby is active and meeting milestones.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby's weight at birth was 3 kgs now he is 5.200kgs...Is it ok??
Answer: It's not a problem dear. If your baby is active and healthy no need to worry dear. Keep breastfeeding your baby dear. It helps in gaining weight dear.  Some babies gain weight gradually according to its body nature. Don't worry.
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