Few weeks old baby

Question: Hi my baby night timela thungave matingra milk kudikra oru 10 mints and thungra paduka vecha alugra ithe continu aguthu till mrng. Day la nalla thungra night thunga ena pananum pls help me

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Answer: Ask doctor about colic acid drops ... don't eat too much of dhal.. and almonds (badam)
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Question: My period Dec 25.. Jan 3 to Jan 11 varaikum intercourse la than irunthom... But past 2 days konjam long travel pannom.. athanala pregnancy bathikuma.. ila intercourse pandrapo egg Kula sperm poiruntha athu velila vanthuduma.. ipo travel panathala 2 days ah white padramari sandal colour la discharge aguthu and breath pandrapo konjam heavy ah breathing aguthu.. ithalam pregnancy symptoms ah illaiya... oru oru time um baby iruku nenaichi nenaichi yemanthu poidrom.. so pls help me
Answer: Plz one kind request,endha madiri days vachi intercourse panadinga,tension elama normal ah panathan baby nikum,one time ada pathi ninaikama,alternative days LA intercourse panynga,kandipa nikum,have red banana in ngt
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Question: My baby is not having milk properly...she is breastfeeding for 10-15 mints and goes to sleep. And she is refusing bottle feed. Please help
Answer: Dont worry min feeding time is 10 to 40 mins till 9 months if its 15 mins no need to worry but dont forget to do burp after each feed
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Question: Hi en baby ku 7 months start aga pogudhu. Starting la nala paal vandhuchu. But ipo avlova paal varala. Oru time than kudukara madhirivarudhu. Papa ku vairu neriya matendhu.. Ipo milk supply increase pana mudiyumaa. Epadi pandrathu. Ena elam sapdarathu. Daily garlic milk kudikaran. Milk shark weekly twice sapdaran. Dry fish enaku allergy agudhu. Pls help. Paal kudukarathu kami agita udane papa konjam thin agita. Kashtama iruku. Pls help panunga.
Answer: Hi dear, your baby is 6 months old. So try to introduce her other liquid foods and semi solid foods like these, Dal water Cooked rice water Fruit puree like apple, pear, banana etc Vegetables puree like carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato puree. Suji kheer Carrot soup. This is for you to increase breast milk. Already you talking garlic milk. Its ok. But some babies don't like the same taste every day as you consuming garlic milk daily. So better you eat different types of recipes. Add fenugreek seeds and leaves in your diet. Fennel seeds Greens especially drumstick leaves. Coconut water. Hope this will help you.
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