2 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby is sleeping in day time and she is not sleeping at night upto 4 am I am giving formula milk to her What was the problem

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Answer: It's normal baby will be normal after completion of 3 months only
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Question: My baby is not sleeping properly in day time not even 2 hrs in whole day time.. what was the reason, but she is sleeping in night time..
Answer: My baby is doing the same. Taking brief naps (about 15-20 mins).. But my baby is active & playful. But at night he sleeps 5-7hrs at a stretch.
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Question: Hello my daughter is not drinking breast milk at all in the day time only formula she is drinking whenever I force to give her breast milk she cries nd doesn't drink in the day but in night she drink breast milk what should I do that she drinks breast milk and bcz of not drinking my breast milk flow is also decreasing
Answer: She is 6 months old you must be introducing her With solid food. Once she started her bm intake will decrease. However if you are giving her formula in bottle, that may be the reason of her refusing bm. Instead bottle you can feed her with spoon. And instead Formula give her your expressed bm. In that way you supply will not decreased. Try this may help you.
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Question: My Baby is not at all sleeping in night time but she is sleeping day time well nd no issues and drinking milk and playing also but especially night time she is not sleeping keep on playing and crying
Answer: Hi dear , babies cannot differentiate between night and day. Hence, they keep on playing at night and sleep during the day. It is only after 3 months of age that they can differentiate hence till then hold on and try to take rest when the baby is sleeping.
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