6 months old baby

Question: Hi..my baby is on mixed feed.. He used to pee alot when he is having formula milk is ds normal or nything to worry

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Answer: Yes it is normal, you should not worry. :)
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Question: my baby cry alot when he is about to pee
Answer: It means he is dehydrated so it's painful or has burning sensation while passing urine. Increase number of feedings so that he is well hydrated. Even after that if he is fussy please take him to a paediatrician.
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Question: Baby having hiccups after every feed is it normal ? My baby is feeding on both Breast milk and Formula milk
Answer: Hiccups indicate 1. U have overfed the baby or 2. Not burped the baby properly or 3. Baby is sucking air while feeding. In this case put saline water drops in babys nose before each feed
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Question: My baby poops whenever he has food.. whatever it is either porridge or formula milk.. is ds normal?!
Answer: No this is not normal.u should consult a doctor about this.
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