37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi my baby is in cephalic presentation but doctor is telling there is no chances fr normal delivery becs the vaginal place is very small plz batayiye kya normal nahi hosake ga kya

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Answer: hello dear , as you said your doctor mention that vaginal place is very small then it is difficult for you as well as for baby to go for normal delivery. if you still try for normal delivery then it could be a forcep delivery and its not giid for your baby. you can try some exercise like squatting, back stretching. but as you are almost at the end of your pregnancy it will hardly helps you. trust me your doctor knows you and your baby better than anyone else now . so keep trust on your doctor and listen what your doctor is saying. all the best for your delivery dear.
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Question: Low amniotic fluid and baby in breech presentation, is there any chances to get normal delivery
Answer: Dear with low amniotic fluid and breech position it's not possible to have a normal delivery. Breech position means baby's head is upward position and legs downward so normal delivery can't be done in this position. So please consult with your doctor and see what can be done .
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Question: What is cephalic presentation?????? In my last scan report said that my baby is in cephalic presentation..... Is it any harm ????? Can i get normal delivery?????
Answer: There is no haram..you can have normal delivery. Cephalic presentation means fetus head is down and legs are up..This is ideal position for baby for vaginal birth.
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Question: My baby is in cephalic presentation. Is it safe? Is it the indication of normal delivery??
Answer: Hi dear, It is absolutely fine and infact is the most favourable position of your baby to be delivered vaginally.
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