3 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby is down with conjunctivitis doctor prescribed a eye drops her eye is become so small and swollen. How long does it last

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Answer: Hello! Conjunctivitis can stay up-to 4 days. Don't worry and give the drop. Drops will give some relief to the baby. Take care
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Question: Hi doctor my baby having a redness in her left eye and under the eye there is small swelling. Recently she had a fever also now she is better with a medication but eye problem is not yet solved. Even doctor prescribed a drops to her but when we used that drops to her, her eyes will became more redness and swelling will be more. Can u please suggest what can we do? What s best. I am seriously worried..
Answer: You should again take a baby to doctor and you should you should describe whole situation to your doctor that the address is not going and even increasing so that you doctor will change the medicine and drops and it should not be ignored because eyes is really sensitive part of a human body which is very delicate and its care should be done properly so please don't ignore it and take your baby to doctor again. protected from dust and also if there is any kind of water coming out of baby's eyes and Don't clean it with any dirty cloth use clean cloth onley
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Question: My son having eye discharge for more than 20 days. Doctor prescribed eye drops and asked to massage near nose and eye connect. Is it normal and how long it will be
Answer: Yes there is a tear duct blockage and infection. Wash your baby's eyes with wet clean cotton. Remember to clean from inner corner of eye towards outer, use different cotton for both eyes. Use the prescribed drop and massage tear duct as suggested by doctor. Baby will be fine.
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Question: Hi I got conjunctivitis today in my left eye. Doctor prescribed me drops and oitment. Hope these so not affect the baby.
Answer: yes they will not effect.. even i had d same problem n dr prescribed me d same.. just take care that you will not take any oral antibiotic..
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