8 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby is 8month old.since today morning she is having continuous tear from both eyes and watery discharge from nose.pls help.

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Question: Hi Everyone My baby is having white discharge from right eye. Already she is having blockage in tear duct on both of her eyes and im doing massage to resolve it. Suddenly from Yesterday white discharge from her right eye alone. Kindly help.
Answer: Hello dear A gummed up eye is common in newborn babies  as they have very narrow tear ducts, so tears don't drain away from the eye and the fluid can get infected. Bath the affected eye with saline water to keep it clean. Use damp cotton if you find gluey substance developing around the eye.
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Question: having watery discharge from morning.. is it amniotic fluid?? my previous pregnancy was stillbirth..
Answer: If you notice a warm clear fluid suddenly flowing out of your vagina, it could be your water breaking. Usually, the amniotic fluid sac in which your baby is floating ruptures about 24 to 48 hours before labor starts. Sometimes, this fluid could be mistaken for urinary leakage or an increase in vaginal discharge, both common during pregnancy. If you’re not sure whether this is a urine leak, discharge, or a break in the amniotic fluid sac, you can perform this simple test at home: Go to the bathroom, empty your bladder and then put on clean undergarments and a large panty liner. Once done, lay down for about half an hour and then stand up. If your water is breaking, you will likely wet your panty liner again when you stand up. If the panty liner remains dry, then what you’ve experienced could have been a urine leak or just extra vaginal discharge. In all cases, consult with your doctor to clear up your doubt.
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Question: Mam m having headache from yesterday and having watery discharge froms eyes do it will effect the baby
Answer: Hi, burning, scratchy eyes with excessive tearing is a sign of dry eyes or dry eye syndrome. Dry eye syndrome related to pregnancy usually worsens at the end of the first trimester due to massive hormonal changes. Dryness may seem to come and go throughout the day and can be constant for some women. You can get sinus headache also due to nasal congestion make sure you are not having running nose , if so please take proper medication and steaming. and also check with your gynecologist for the same. hope this helps .
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