3 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby is 79 days old. He hasnt pass motion simce 3dys .. he is on breast milk

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Answer: Hello.. Dear usually breastfeeding babies poop from 3-5 days,some time it may exceed to even seven days ,if baby is fine and active ,it is normal
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Question: Hi my baby dint pass motion since 4 days... She is on both breast n formula milk... Pls suggest something
Answer: Hi. New borns dont poop fow even a week so dont worry. Give your baby tummy massage with luke warm coconut oil in circular motion. If its too long you can massage babies tummy with luke warm hing paste. Make your baby do cycle exrcise daily it will improve babies bowel movement.
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Question: Hi my baby is 48 days old. He dint pass the motion for last 2 days?
Answer: Hi. If baby is on breast feed its normal if baby dont even poop for 7 days. So dont worry. try apply little casteroil it helps to pass stool it helps my baby. apply hing on navel even that helps ,do some cycling and leg fold it helps.
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Question: My baby dint pass motion since 3 days.. she is both on breast milk n formula milk
Answer: No need to worry..it's normal if ur baby potty once in 7 days or 6 to 7 potty in a day..
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