5 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby is 5 months old v r putting vaccine for her in government hosp, but pvc vaccine which consists of three injections each per month continuously,it is available in private hosp only whether It is necessary to put pvc

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Answer: hello dear, all the vaccines mentioned in the list of immunization is important for your baby . Vaccines for pneumonia and rotavirus is quite costly n that's why not given by government hospitals. but these vaccines are very important in present weather and environmental condition and I will suggest you definitely give PVC tk your baby in private hospitals or doctor chambers.
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Question: is it necessary to put pneumococcal vaccination fr baby ...bcz its not available in govt hosp..till nw i didnt put pcv vaccine...if necessary in which i should put vacc for baby??..
Answer: Hi dear, its akways better fir your baby to be immunized from chances of any major infection. As babies immunty system remains low they are very prone to infection. Its better to give them all the available vaccines mentioned in immunization chart. Pcv is a little costly vaccine & not given by Govt hospital but your baby should take the vaccine and for that you can consult any private hospital.
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Question: It is necessary to give all vaccine to baby,i mean vaccine available in private hospital
Answer: I too was very concerned about this vaccination thing but only think now it will be over with one injection if anything happens (fingers crossed nothing will happen) but if u are not taking vaccinations for typhoid there are 2 injections daily till d fever goes and medicines too. So kindly take it not every one but Typhoid MMR DTWP (courses are there2,3)
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Question: Hi my baby is 6 month old, I prefer baby vaccines in private hospital and I m injecting there for my baby but in private vaccine schedule they r giving 6th month vaccine which is not given in government. Y in government they r not preferring that 6th month vaccine. Plz help me can I prefer that 6th month vaccine for my baby
Answer: Hello Have a information on the name and type of vaccines.some of them will be optional.usually 6th month vaccine will be flu vaccine in addition to oral polio drops.flu vaccine wont stop common colds.it will prevent some epidemics like swine flu.if you are going abroad or living in a place with colder climates where more flu cases are registered u can vaccinate ur child
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