5 months old baby

Question: Hi ..my baby is 5 months old..he is always putting everything on mouth constantly..getting fussy...plz suggest any ways to get his relief teething pains

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Answer: Hello there... Your baby is probably teething, Teething is a painful experience for a baby.. So they become super filussy and cranky. Sometimes it can cause fever too. So you can put a clean washcloth in a fridge and give it to your baby for biting, this will help in reducing the pain. You can massage his gum with your clean and sterile fingers. You can order therther from amazon or flipkart for your baby, put it in a fridge until cold then give it to your baby to bite. All this will help in soothing your baby. Be patient and feed him well. Hope this helps ☺
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Question: My baby is 5 months old .he always putting his fingers in mouth .please help me .how to avoide it
Answer: Same here....i have started making my baby wear mittens Its helpful to great extent...my daughter still tries to take her fingers in mouth but cant..
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Question: my son is 8 months old..he hasn't started teething yet..from the time he is 6 months he always puts everything he gets in his hand into his mouth..everything..whatever he even gets to play..his main play is putting everything in his mouth..always..is it OK??
Answer: How to relieve ur child when he or she start teething Give ur baby clean, wet, cool wash cloth to chew on. Cold objects easy the pain and reduce the urge to chew. If ur baby dont like to chew the cloth give him or her teether. Give ur baby only mashed food. U can gently massage ur baby's gums with clean finger or cold teething ring. Give ur baby pain reliever prescribed by doctor. Give ur baby extra love and play with him or her. Don't----- Do not give any medicine without asking ur doctor. Do not use clove oil on gums. Do not give hard food. Do not irritate him or her.
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Question: My baby is 3 months old. He constantly tries to put his hand in mouth. Is there any solution to stop putting hand in mouth.
Answer: Hello! It is something which they learn new and stopping it is difficult. It can be due to teething or simply because the baby is learning new things which includes this. Please don't worry as there is really no way to stop it. However, you cab try giving teether but again it depends. Take care
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