4 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby is 4 months old,my baby stopped drinking bm by 3 months and started drinking FM...now my BM has fully stopped,is their any problem if my breastmilk flow starts again...?

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Answer: Hello dear, no there is no problem if the flow starts again infact it's a good thing and you can try feeding your baby once again he she might take your feed..😊
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Question: my baby is 3 months old.. I used to bf and give formula.. now baby is ignoring bm and wants bottle feed.. my bm has become very low now.. i have started to pump.. Will pumping increase my breastmilk..
Answer: Hi,yes it is important that you should give breast milk to the baby because it is very important for the growth and development of the baby however if the baby is not taking the breast milk directly it is important that you should pump the milk and feed it to your baby because you are not feeding it regularly the breast milk production will reduce and hence when you start expressing your milk slowly the breast milk production will increase.
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Question: My baby has stopped breastmilk immediately... What to do she is having fm now totally
Answer: Hi dear. Its called a nursing strike. Express breast milk and feed with a spoon or sipper cup and avoid bottle. Don't give any pacifier until the strike ends. The spoon or sipper will not satisfy his sucking urge. So he will return to the breast soon. Offer the brast often but don't force him to drink. A bad breast feeding experience may make it difficult to bring him back to the breast
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Question: My breast milk has stopped fully 3 months ago can i it could flow again plz help i want to feed my baby my breast milk plz
Answer: S it will start take Milk twice a day and eating green leafy vegetables and fruits ,pointed gourd curry, kissmiss, garlic, bread, carrot, water, watermelon, oats, drink plenty of water these all increases breast milk production
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