4 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby is 3.5 months old he takes breastfeeding only 3 to min per hour is it normal?

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Answer: Hi dear please don't worry the quantity of milk or the timing will always be decided by the baby hands if your baby is searching for 3 to 4 minutes only there is no problem just keep a check on the peak count it has to be 6 to 8 times in a day for a 3 months old baby and if your baby is gaining weight subsequently there is no problem.. Hope this helps!
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    Sumitha K965 days ago

    Thank you dear

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Question: Hi.. My 2 months old baby passes watery poop... He is only breastfeeding.. Is it normal
Answer: Hello dear If your baby may be taking a lot of milk at once. This can hit his tummy too fast, creating air bubbles and explosive green poop Undigested milk also results in green poop, baby poop is considered normal,when it's a mustard yellow, green or brown color. It is typically seedy and pasty in texture and may be runny too upto few months, nothing to be worried it is common in new born babies, if it is more frequent consult pediatrician
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Question: Hi my baby is 3.5 months old he takes breastfeeding only 3 to 5 min per hr is it normal?
Answer: Even my baby takes hardly five to ten minutes for two hours. To know whether the baby is getting sufficient milk or not, just check whether your breast become lighter after every feed. There are babies who suck fastly.
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Question: My baby 26 days old, he poops 6-7 times a day..is it normal...he takes only breastfeeding...
Answer: Yes ,it's normal. But only see to the colour of stool .
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