2 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby is 2months 15 days old can I use skinlite it causes any side effects to my babe

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Answer: Hi mommy skin color is something which is genetic it depends on genes of family and parents so don't bother about this . You can use natural products to make the skin glowing and flawless . Hope it will be fine. Tc
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Question: How good is zandu satavarex? How to use? Any side effects? My baby is 2months is it safe to use
Answer: Actually with shatavari no side effects know...can be used up to 2 years...my doc recommended Himalaya shatavari tablet to be taken wit warm milk at night...I found shatavari herbal tea very helpful during my second baby...as my breast use to produce more milk when I was drinking shatavari herbal tea of two sachets...I heard zandu is similar to Himalaya..u can take with warm milk twice a day or consult any Ayurveda doctor ..she might suggest accordingly...
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Question: Hi.. My baby is just 12days old. Can I use pampers ? Is there any side-effects to use this?
Answer: pampers Active baby is actually good. but for a 12 days old baby , it is too early to start using diapers . it may cause rashes on your baby's skin . because still 2 months the number of times baby passes urine and stools will be more . so in the middle of the night if you fail to see your baby stools it may cause severe rashes .. after 2 months when motion is in control you can start using diapers at night time . cloth at morning .. if at all if your situation is unavoidable and you r in a need to use diaper . use only one diaper after your baby passes stool at night .. let him sleep and if in the middle of the night if he passes stools .. don't replace with the new diaper ... let him free with cloth . if you are able to manage with only one diaper at night you can use .. but preferably you can use diapers after 2 months.
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Question: Can we use mobile phones n internet in pregnancy?? Is there any side effects causes to baby due to radiation??
Answer: Hi, it can be used but in moderation. Too much of anything is not good. Though there are no evidence but still we are all aware of the side effect and hence better to use in moderation.
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