14 months old baby

Question: Hi, my baby is 1yr and 2months old. He has not started talking a single word. We are trying to encourage him but he doesn't respond.

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Answer: Stop worrying mam check if he can hear u properly or not some kids take time coz same problem i have also faced and what i felt we compare our kids with other kids and feels insecured and few people also make us worry and comment us like abhi tak nahi bola Show to the doc kuch problem to nahi na blah blah blah mix him up with same age group kids He is just 1.2 years my daughter started talking when she was 3 years pl take care and b posiive
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Question: Mam my son is 1yr 9mths old he is not talking any words other than mama. Daily we are teaching little words and talking to him. But he is responding to everything but not speaking.
Answer: Hello dear Children start talking or rather mouthing words by 14 to 18 months. Try playing rhyms with animal sounds so they can start mouthing the words or animal sounds start by encouraging them try dancing with rhyme and say the moo baa wuf with the rhymes the kids are very fast with imitating so they ll soon start imitating u in no time. Once he starts telling the sounds start with Johnny johnny or incy Vinci spider. So he can start with this again.
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Question: my baby boy hasn't started talking a single word ! he is 1year '&' 6 months older
Answer: ok don't worry it's normal some babies will take time to do activity like talking,walking , teething etc mostly whose baby r living in nuclear family that baby will take time coz most of d family members are not available for talking like that u can show yr baby tv like cartoons channels or try to talk more with baby continuously speak small small words that baby can learn n try to speak it whenever speaking with baby then slowly small small sentences can say due to dat baby can learn easily if in family more members then tell them talk with ur baby every time baby will give response or not but hv to try it n don't worry it's completely normal ur baby will take time to speak n once u should consult with your paediatrician then just try to ask him
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Question: 2yr old baby ,but not talking a single word except amma
Answer: Hi dear..your baby has started speaking a word so it is quite clear that your baby doesn't have any problem in speaking so just keep on interacting and talking with your baby all the time. Choose an easy word, keep repeating that word in front of baby until she speak, then choose another word and do same. Also let your baby interact with other babies.. the more you will interact with your baby in the early your baby will learn how to speak , so it's all about interaction . Good luck
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