4 months old baby

Question: Hi... my baby is 108 days old.... i dnt no y she always sucks her finger...?? Cn nybdy help me 2 stop her frm doing this!!

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Answer: Might be hungry so she is doing like that. Give her teether in both hands.. keep giving again n again if she throws. That will help her to stop finger sucking.
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    Nivedita Parulkar605 days ago

    My doc tells me it is normal n it'll go away in couple of months. Basically they want to explore everything around. Their tactile sense is still developing. You'll also find that baby also takes everything to mouth bcz they're exploring with toung first.

Answer: It's very common momma, no need to worry
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Question: My 4month baby always take her finger in his mouth she sucks a lot...
Answer: Hello Dear please check is yur baby teething. Because in teething suck there fingers and every available thing.The common symptoms of teething are . Drooling Swollen, bulging gums A tooth visible below the gum Irritability Trouble sleeping Trying to bite, chew, and suck on everything Rubbing her face Rejecting food Grabbing her ears .head seems usually hot and body cool .taking fingers or hand in mouth. If you notice several of these symptoms together, it's very likely that your child is teething. *Give hard food like freezed carrot washed n peeled to yur baby biting it will ease his pain *Rub yur clean finger over his gums *Dip a cotton cloth in clean filtered water n ask him to bite n cheaw in it.. * Give good teethers to him. Yur kid vl be having difficult time please understand his pain, he won't eat so keep him hydrated by giving juices coconut water,milk, smoothies He will be having mild fever that is no cause to worry
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Question: My baby is 2 mths old she sucks her thumb im worried coz i dnt want her to have teeth coming in the front pls help
Answer: Please dont stop yr lo from thumb sucking. Its a milestone and it will go away once yr lo starts sitting or doing other activities. My lo 4.5 months old is whole day sucking her thumb and i too was frustrated. My in laws telling me every now and then that it will turn into a habit and i started removing her fingers from mouth. What i observed was she got too cranky and also went on nursing strike. Now i dont stop her and she is doing fine and has started to crawl.
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Question: My baby is 2 months old...she sucks her thumb constantly..any hacks to stop her doing so?
Answer: U hv to hv patience n try to keep her hands away from her mouth time to time. My baby sucks her finger even in her 6 month..I was suggested to give her pacifier bt personally I dnt like giving her pacifier as she will get used to it.
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