2 months old baby

Question: Hi..my baby got swelling around bcg vaccination. Is it normal?

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Answer: It's normal to have a swelling around BCG site.no need to worry.it will heal with scar formation
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    komala m933 days ago

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Question: Hi..fus on bcg vaccination spot . Is it normal?
Answer: hi dear some children were developed pus or red pspules at the site of vaccination . It can be healed normally within few weeks leaving a mark at the site . baby can take normal bath but keep the area dry and clean . avoid applying any ointment or solutions at the area . avoid any bandage at the area of injection
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Question: My baby's bcg vaccination get yellowish ...is it normal ??
Answer: Hi don't worry it's normal as the bcg injection site may swell and even a pus may form so don't worry about it it's normal and even it heals on its own. Take care
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Question: Today my baby recieved BCG vaccination n its swelling .will it go it self .what are the prevantion we need to care after BCG vaccination
Answer: Swelling is common after BCG, do not worry. Swelling will goes of by itself and DO NOT apply any ointment or powder, this will disappear in 2-3 weeks
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