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Question: Hi my baby girl is 12 days old... She is having excessive gas.. She is puking milk too... Im unable to understand what to do.. Please tell me what should I do?

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Answer: Excessive gas in babies are normal.. hiccups, gas, coughing are very normal in babies. So do not worry. Massage her abdomen often and Leg cycling. Always after the feed do not forget to burp ur baby. This helps to reduce puking.. burping ur baby is very important
Answer: Massage her tummy anticlockwise, and cycling with legs, or mix hing and lukewarm water and apply around navel for release gas, and don't feed her while sleeping position
Answer: After feed tap her back so that she gets burps
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Question: My baby is 12 days old and is having gas issues what to do
Answer: Hello! Passing gas is common in babies. It happens mainly due to the developing digestive system. However it gets better with time. If the gas doesn't comes out then baby gets colicpain. Hence try giving some tummy time and massage the stomach everyday before giving bath. Take care
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Question: Hi.. my baby girl is having gas problem.. what should I need to do..
Answer: For gas problem u can apply hing dissolved in lukewarm water around the belly button in circular motion & do not forget to burp ur child properly after every meal as they tend to swallow a lot of air at the time of feeding leading to gas issues
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Question: My baby is 14 days old feeding with my milk she is having gas problem what to do now
Answer: Hii constipation is common in new born babies. Please make baby burp always after every feed so that will release excessive gas. You take care of your diet too avoid oily and masaledaar food. Hope it helps
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