7 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby doing poop but has small some black particles seen in it what could be it...

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Answer: Hello! It could be any food part. If it is very less then nothing to worry but more then please consult the doctor. Take care
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Question: I get some small white particles in my urine. What could be the reason.
Answer: Hello, Dear it can be because of some infection. So it's better to get it checked by doctor once. Also drink alot of liquid and also always wipe from front to back – starting at your vagina and wiping back to your bottom. This will keep your vagina clean, and avoid contaminating your vagina with any bacteria from your anal area..
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Question: My baby is on formula milk. He is doing yellow poop witg white seeds like particles. What could be the reason ?
Answer: In the babies on FM, such composition of poop is quite normal. However if the poop itself is whitiesh then this could be the sign of less digestion...less bile juice creation... Just give some time gap between feeds.. do not over feed your baby as FM is hard to digest in comparison to BM.
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Question: My baby is doing slimey poop with blood dots in it what could be the cause
Answer: If blood is there in stool, show immediately to a pediatrician. Its not good for babies
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