5 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby crossed 160 days.. shal i introduce wheat,rice,uridu dhal kool?

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Answer: why it is advisable to maintain your babies 6 months old after the baby 6 months old you can start giving solid foods like match the fruits fruit juices Dal water Rice Water vegetable clear soup and dal soup and slowly go to introduce Cerelac or wheat or dal khichdi or mashes rice rashed sweet potatoes
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Question: can I introduce first wheat porridge before rice porridge???
Answer: Wheat is slightly more difficult to digest for your baby as the first food due to its high fibre content..so rice or oats would be the ideal first food for your baby..
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Question: My baby 108 days old rice flour kool kudukkalama
Answer: Hi dear, baby is too small. For now you should not give this. Only give formula milk or BM. After 6 months you can give this. Take care
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Question: Hai mam, i start giving my baby solid foods by 160 days like ragi porridge, apple,rice mashedwith dhal. He is fine and normal. Shall i continue
Answer: Hi dear better to start grains from 7 month means after 180 days, baby can't digest now. I know, he is fine after taking still it is not good for digestion. You can give semi solid food like fruit puree and vegetables soup.
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Question: Hi, my baby is 6 month. Can i start cerelac?which one i choose rice, wheat or wheat apple
Answer: Mam , I started mung dal water and khichdi daliya.bt doc told me to start cerelac, tomato soup and mash banana. Can I give home made cerelac of rice ,green and yellow mung dal
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