2 months old baby

Question: Hi my baby boy is 1month 27 days now. Cry alot at night ,my doctor ask me to oral pacifier for him. Is it safe to use for him?

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Question: Is it safe to use mouth pacifier for baby
Answer: Hi! Pacifier is not good and neither suggested its going to be coming in the way of this hand to mouth exploration, will reduce nursing since it will mask hunger cues and very difficult to wean off, requires regular sterilizing before every use. Like you wouldn't prevent a child from trying to walk, don't prevent the child from exploring her body since it is very very normal behavior and will stop in some time. I feel fingers are the best pacifiers as long as u keep them clean. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi my baby boy is 2months old now... Cry alot with no reason n i check with my doctor also, my doctor suggested me to use oral pacifier at night when he cry alot. Is oral pacifier is safe to use at night?
Answer: Be in contact with baby.. baby needs u n not pacifier.. feed him and burp him without fail..keep him close to you..feed as much as he wants and never fail to burp..sometimes kids cry till they burp..my son does it..
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Question: My baby is 3mo, I use pacifier for his naps and night sleep. Can someone guide if it's safe to use a pacifier? And when to wean it
Answer: It is safe as I'm also using it for my son generally doc advises to stop using by 6 months or till their teeth comes up to avoid dental problems.
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