6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi my LMP is 21jan nd i miss my period in 21feb ..then i done betahcg on 25 feb ..the 32.30 is result is it safe or not

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Answer: Dear your hcg is high but not high enough to confirm so get a retest in 24 hours and other test after 24 hours if the count is increasing then you are pregnant. But do consult with a gynaecologist and get checked..
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Question: If i miss my period on 10 feb then whether i should do the pregnancy test on 11 or 12 feb or not
Answer: Please wait for another 4 days after missing period 7 to 10 days you will be confirm you are pregnant
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Question: My lmp is feb 19 now i miss my period now slightly having stomach pain is good or not
Answer: Hi dear sometimes tummy pain can also happens due to pregnancy. I will suggest u to check ur pregnancy with u morning urine tomorrow morning.
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Question: My lmp is26dec18.i have done betahcg test on6 jan 19 result is 6275 what is the meaning of this range .is every thing ok
Answer: Hi dear, Every thing is ok.beta HCG level is nothing but the Pregnancy hormones.that keeps rising in pregnancy as the growth of the baby increases.so your hormone count is 6275,which is normal.this level should double in every 2-3 days.it is the healthy pregnancy sign.
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Question: Hi..my last period was on 21feb still i didn't get my periods.AM i pregnant or not?
Answer: May be ur pregnent, Hope for the best.but still u have to check with pregnency kit.then only you can get clear about that.some people will get symptoms like morning sick ness,comting sensation, dizzyness.some are not.any way you have to check.
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