13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi my Dr ask me to do NT scan and double marker test. Is it mandatory or optional?

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Question: NT scan & double marker test is it necessary to do?
Answer: A nuchal translucency (NT)scan is very first scan to detect cardiovascular abnormalities in a fetus. they also look for the thickness of the nuchal fold and whether the baby has a nasal (nose) bone yet. An overly thick nuchal fold and/or absence of the nasal bone can be markers for Down syndrome. If any issue found in the report then doctor will ask for another level scans like Double marker tests. Double Marker test is performed to check the fetus having any abnormalities or not.double marker test available for fetus who suffer from Down's syndrome.It is usually done after 8 weeks of pregnancy up to 14 weeks. It is advisable to do these scans.
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Question: Double marker test is necessary??my doctor suggested to do double marker test and NT scan...
Answer: yes dear it is very important because it help in protecting proper well-being of your baby and you will also help in protecting if there is any kind of birth defect of down syndrome in baby so please don't skip it.
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Question: NT scan reports comes normal ..so double marker test is mandatory or optional?
Answer: It is mandatory dear... both results need to come back normal as both are necessary to completely rule out any chromosomal abnormalities in your baby...so please do not skip it..
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