3 months old baby

Question: Hi , my 3months old baby sometimes not burping at night time.. is it normal?

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Answer: Hello dear, burping is important in small babies. It will help your baby to get better sleep. Rub your baby's back slowly n smoothly to initiate burping. But if still it doesnt come its ok. Some times baby doesnt burp.
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Question: My 43days old baby only 3times feeding at night time it is normal or not
Answer: During first three months, frequency of feeding should be 2-3 hrs. During day time it may get reduced and during night time it may increase to 3-4 hours if feeding is proper. You need to check if baby sleeps well after feeding for 1-2 hrs, wet nappies 6-8 in a day and gaining weight 30gm per day, feeding is proper and normal. This was suggested by pediatrician on my last visit last month.
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Question: At night time after i feed my baby is not burping...how to make hom burp
Answer: Hi dear. Try to keep the baby on ur shoulder for some time.. As the baby goes to deep sleep, they won't burp.. try to make the baby sit on ur lap with back support and tap the back gently.. If the baby burp or not try to keep the baby on shoulder for at least 10-15min..
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Question: Hi, my baby is 3months old at what intervals i should feed at night time
Answer: Hello! If your baby is feeding well through out the day and is sleeping and not waking for feed then nothing to worry, let the baby sleep and give feed once the baby is awake. Take care
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