Few weeks old baby

Question: Hi my 15 dys old baby ku norai norai ah motion poguthu ena reasn epdi nrmal panrathu pls rply

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Answer: Norai ah pogudhu na..sudu..puduchurukum...neega chicken elm adhigam sapdathenga..sudu irrukaramari edhum sapadatenga..baby thopul la velakuennai veinga lite ah..aprom peruviral kaal la lite ah vainga...seri aidum.neegalum kulirchiya sapdunga seriaygum intha summer ku apdithan agum so unga body ah crct ah cool ah vachukonga sudu pudikadhamari...hope this useful🖒
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    paramu732 days ago

    Thnk u

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Question: My baby is 15 days old she has motion problem what can I do
Answer: This is very common with the newborns.... it is completely normal for the babies to pass event 10 times in a day if you are breastfeeding then and the baby will get cured by itself they have the immunity and also their digestive system is developing that is why it happens
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Question: My baby 15 days old she has motion problem what can I do
Answer: Your 15 days old does not get loose motions you shouldn't worry at all this is very normal as long as you are breast feeding the baby at is fine you can apply some him based on the tummy that will help
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Answer: Hi dear if consistancy of stool is normal then dont worry going more than 1 time potty is normal in babies.
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