2 months old baby

Question: Hi.. my 1 month old baby makes squeaky sounds while feeding, otherwise he is normal. Is this a problem? Does bfeeding strain him more? Should I avoid bfeed and express and feed ? What care should I take?

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Question: My 28days baby is having trouble breathing and sounds like he is having cold, also makes grunting sounds while sleeping also while being fed. What should i do?
Answer: If he has trouble breathing, keep him a little elevated when lying down. You can add eucalyptus oil to his bedding. If there is blockage, use nasal saline spray. If cold increases, humidify the room with a steamer. Dryroast ajwain seeds and tie in a piece of cloth. Make the baby inhale the fumes when it is not too hot. Grunting is a sign of baby having reflux of milk. Make sure you burp the baby after every feed. Keep him elevated for about 20 mins after feed. Sometimes he may not burp, so u can keep him elevated for more time. While you are feeding, Keep his head higher than the rest of the body. If problem persists, consult a doctor.
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Question: My baby is 8.5 months but isn't saying even monosylabus he only makes couple of sounds to express his happiness or anxiety. M trying to teach him while talking to him but still he isn't saying anything. Is this normal?
Answer: Absolutely normal! Give your baby some time , do not try very hard and never get frustrated of your baby doesnt learn something you are trying to teach him When it is time,your baby will start. The sounds that he makes at present for expressing his emotions are pretty much enough as of now. You must keep saying words like mama papa in front of him and talk to him in a normal language.
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Question: My baby makes Gur Gur sounds from throat while feeding. I feed him lying down position.is it normal r not
Answer: Gur Gur sound means your baby suffering with cold. Please check if your baby has cold or not
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