33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi mu blood is b-negative. I had my anti D during my 1st prgncy. No im 8month prg shud i need to take anti D again?

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Question: My blood group is O negative and my husband's is B +ve. Is it necessary to take anti D injection and when should i take it
Answer: If its your first ever pregnancy you will be given anti -d within 72 hr afterbirth of rh(+) baby. Immunisation of Rhesus negative women with anti-D after the birth of a Rhesus positive infant reduces the chances of developing Rhesus antibodies. Mothers and babies may have incompatible blood characteristics (such as Rhesus positive babies and Rhesus negative mothers). After the birth of a Rhesus positive infant, Rhesus negative women are given an injection of anti-D, which aims to prevent the women forming antibodies that would attack the red cells of a Rhesus positive baby in a future pregnancy. Such antibodies may make the baby anaemic and if severe enough can cause the baby to die.
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Question: My blood group is B-ve. indirect combs test is negative. Is anti D injection require?
Answer: Hi. Yes. You need to take anti D. If its 1st pregnancy then also some doctors prefer anti D. But if second its compulsary to take the anti D injection. I too am a b(-)ve mom and i too had the dosage. Good luck.
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Question: Mam my blood group is B negative I had miscarriage on 12August my lmp is 29june but my gyny said no need to take anti D pls tell what should I do
Answer: Dear it is always better to consult more than 1 doctor in such cases. If another doctor says the same thing then go with it as doctor knows it better when it comes to medication. Hope it helps.
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