14 years old baby

Question: Hi mom..my son is 3 months old when he was born very fair bt now he has getting dark colour plz suggest me how improving my son skin is fair

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Answer: Massage him daily with gud massage oil n after tking bath apply some natural n non sticky moisturizer like Mamaearth products..it really works ...n after 2-3 weeks u will find d difference....
Answer: Massage ur baby with Mamaearth baby oil and apply baby lotion after bath u can also apply unboiled milk sometimes as a natural remedy.
Answer: Hi Change the soap which is using earlier also do oil massage before going to bath an hr ago.
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Question: My baby was fair when he was born..but now he is getting darker..he is 11 months old
Answer: Hi dear, its common for baby ko get darker as baby comes to sun and tanning can happen. DOn't worry too much about it. Try to keep baby indoor and dont put harsh lotions as baby has very soft skin and lotions may make it dry. Use mild sope.
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Question: My baby was very fair when born ..now he is one month old his skin became very dark..?
Answer: Hi dear... don't worry...It is normal for newborn baby to change his color liitle bit. Newborn often look fair at birth but that was not their actual color. Don't worry...ur baby will soon gain his actual color
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Question: Hi..my baby colour is getting dark..why?? First he was fair..he is 2 months old now
Answer: first two months baby skin was not exposed to the environment that is why it was there now this is the actual colour of the baby you are not supposed to apply anything as it will be harmful for the baby
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