14 years old baby

Question: Hi mom..my son is 3 months old when he was born very fair bt now he has getting dark colour plz suggest me how improving my son skin is fair

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Answer: Massage him daily with gud massage oil n after tking bath apply some natural n non sticky moisturizer like Mamaearth products..it really works ...n after 2-3 weeks u will find d difference....
Answer: Massage ur baby with Mamaearth baby oil and apply baby lotion after bath u can also apply unboiled milk sometimes as a natural remedy.
Answer: Hi Change the soap which is using earlier also do oil massage before going to bath an hr ago.
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Question: What to do for baby fair skin.. when she born very fair but now very dark in colour
Answer: Hi baby complexion completely depends on parents .also for the first 6 months baby color may keeps on changing .don't worry as after sometimes it will get fine. No need to worry.
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Question: Hi Doc, my baby boy was born fair but now his skin color is getting slowly dark please help , he is 2 months old
Answer: hello.. dear every is unique and different.. moreover babies changes in the color weekly or as their age grows..more importantly colour is dependent on the genetics .. if you both are fair in colour then definitely baby progress well in color as his age grew.. dont worry
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Question: My baby was fair when he was born..but now he is getting darker..he is 11 months old
Answer: Hi dear, its common for baby ko get darker as baby comes to sun and tanning can happen. DOn't worry too much about it. Try to keep baby indoor and dont put harsh lotions as baby has very soft skin and lotions may make it dry. Use mild sope.
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Question: My baby girl is two months old. She was too fair like her mom when born, but now baby is getting dark color. What to do
Answer: Colour of babies generally changes with time as she grows.But being parents we need to nurture them with best natural products.Try mamaearth body massage oil ,baby lotion n baby foaming face wash.All the products are absolutely natural n made safe.I have personally tested for my babies at home. u can go for it.
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