Few days old baby

Question: Hi...meri beti abhi 4 din ki ha.....bt jb wo bathroom kr rhi hai toh maine uske vagina se ek gel c transparent dekhi or ek do bar drop of blood...what should I do?

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Answer: Hello dear. Yeh bilkul normal hai aur chinta ki baat nahi hai. For 2 or 3 days of age, your daughter may have a little bit of bleeding from her vagina. This is perfectly normal; it is caused by the withdrawal of the hormones she was exposed to in the womb. It will be her first and last menstrual period for another decade or so. Hope it helps.
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Question: Meri 8 month 19 days ki ha khana khane ki bad hi wo poti kr deti ha 3 4 din se aj to 5 bar potty kr liya isme koi tnsn ha kya
Answer: Hllo dear ur baby s 8 months nd 19 days old dear babies digestive system s weak that's why they do poop after taking food .nothing to worry abht slowly slowly his digestive system 'll be develop nd he can digest food .try it give kichri wot Rai tarka, daliya ,mong dal ,rice nd curd .give curd both time its improves digestion .give plenty of water ,juices ,fresh fruits specially banana but give banana in day time . its helpful in improving digestion .try it
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Question: Meri beti 1 year ki ha uska weight 6 kg ha .use teeth aa rhe ha aur wo baar baar poti kr rhi ha . Uske liye me kya krun?
Answer: Babies at this stage love to have only breast milk But keep trying 1.porridge of oats 2.kichidi 3.idli 4.fruits 5.boiled vegetables 6.egg Almost all food we elders eat start introducing if he does not show interest add little cumin and coriander powder to the curry they may like it try home made pastas bread items soups etc Do not feed at least one hour before food Give food at particular timings
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Question: Hllo,meri beti 4 month 4 days ki h wo 2-3 days se green potty kr rhi h din me 2-3 baar h ,koi prblm hai
Answer: Is he just drinking your milk or formula milk? This also happens due to the imbalance of foremilk and hindmilk. This can happen even if you or your child is taking iron supplements. There is nothing to panic in this.Another reason may be that your child or you are taking iron supplements and you are consuming iron-rich foods such as spinach, fenugreek etc.
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