3 years old baby

Question: Hi mams i have three year old baby. 3 days ah lower stomach pain and back pain and very tried feb 20 my periods next periods date is march 15 this symptoms i have 3 days. am i pregnant?

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Answer: Hi dear your question has been answered please have a check as I have mentioned please wait for sometime after missing your period you can take a test and confirm your pregnancy .. Hope this helps!
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    Jaya Rani833 days ago

    Ok sis

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Question: Last 3 days i have stomach pain and back pain and morning sickness. My last periods date feb 20 and next period date is march 15. This symptoms are like pregnant . Please give suggestion am i pregnant..
Answer: Hi dear if you are pregnant or not that can be confirmed only if you miss your period on March 15th and your pregnancy test confirms that you are pregnant so please wait till your periods date atleast and then you can take a test to confirm the same without taking a test it will all be speculation which might not be correct .. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi my lmp was March 22 ..next periods date April 19-22 ..I had intercourse Now am feeling lower back pain and vomiting sometimes lower abdomen pain is this the symptoms for pregnancy?
Answer: Hi Dear, I suggest you to wait for your next periods since its not been a month after intercourse, if you miss your periods than you can check it with pregnancy kit at home before consulting doctor. Where as vomiting and backpain could be reason for any other health issues.
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Question: I have lower back pain and stomach tightening from night..is this labour symptoms
Answer: Sort off sometime even gastric problem can make such pain.drink jeera water and wait for 20 to 30mts if the pain doesn't decrease contact your doctor or in charge nurse.
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