8 years old baby

Question: Hi mam my son 7 years 11 months how weight gain bocz he as very thin now weight is 22 kg

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Question: My baby is 2 years 10 month hi is very thin..weight is 11 kg please suggest me plz
Answer: Hello! There is nothing to worry, as long as the baby is active and achieving the milestones. As for the weight, try giving all types of vegetables and fruits, give ghee in the food you serve the baby. Also adding dry fruits powder in the milk or porridge also helps to gain healthy weight. Take care
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Question: My baby is of 14 months old. His weight is 8 kg only and. He is looking very thin. How to make him to gain weight.
Answer: Hi.. Dear milk remains the prior part of your baby's diet other than that you need to experiment with your baby's favourite choices.. Make new dishes and see which your toddler likes.. You can make different porridges (vegetable khichdi, lentils and rice, only veggies), make different soups, give mashed potatoes, you can also give suji dishes . Also, try to include wheat bran, cashew nuts, and pumpkin seeds in your child 's meal.. It helps in building appetite.. You can divide these dishes as per as your convenience in the form of three regular meals.. Start with small bowls, then gradually you can increase the quantity..
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Question: My son is ,6 yr old he is very thin... how to gain weight of him?
Answer: Hi dear ,if your baby is active and playful then there is nothing to worry as ,when the babies are active they tend not to gain weight because if their metabolism. However you can try to give these foods which will help the baby to gain weight You should give him Oats Kheer Nuts Dals. Soya Cereals All vegetables.f Fruits Cheese Butter Carbs Ragi porridge Daliya All this will help the baby to put on weight Take care
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